Frequently Asked Questions

If you want the "gist" of our website design service, perhaps here's the best place to be - our FAQ!

We build websites. Our full service includes:-

  • securing a design you're happy with via the archive of designs over at themeforest.net
  • adding content to your site - copywriting skills and professional images used
  • integration of content management tools - photo gallery, blog, the ability to add / edit / remove pages
  • on-page optimizations for search engine friendliness
  • hosting of your site

There are so many designs for you to choose from, it's entirely up to you. Our focus is on being able to deliver the most compelling, high-end designs possible, while also offering updateability (content management facilities).

You're free to give us any materials you feel are necessary - including logos, perhaps you already have a site and wish to use some of the content there - no problem. We can copywrite content for you - doing it from scratch if you like, and you don't have to do anything other than give us the basic facts and figures of the service you provide. Or perhaps you already have text you're absolutely happy with. You direct us.

The site you're reading now is a good example - using HTML5 and CSS3, your site will feature dynamic movement / animation, slideshow on the home page, etc. All the polished features you'd want from a high-end design.

Of course. We will use a responsive design so the site will look and function well, regardless of the device used to view it.

The photo gallery will allow you to add UNLIMITED photos, and categorise them too. Each photo will use a lightbox feature, so the viewer can click on the thumbnail of a particular image, and then see the full image in a lightbox.

The blog will allow you to categorise entries, date them, add unlimited images to each blog entry, include social share buttons etc. A fully functioning blog.

The newsletter / lead capture form allows you to build up a database of email addresses that you can then EASILY send mailshots too (via backoffice email marketing feature).

Your site will be hosted on one of our dedicated servers, ensuring fast loading pages and daily backups of your data.

No dedicated features (please refer to Puresilva for an e-commerce site), but if you want light features like PayPal buttons, that's easy to implement.

Just £149 including a website, 1 year of hosting, and an SSL certificate. Please contact us if you're interested.