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Compelling? In other words... to persuade to draw attention to to evoke interest to captivate to fascinate

The web is a crowded place. Every niche seems to be crammed full of competition. You think of a new idea, Google it, and realise it's been thought of and realised already by dozens of businesses.

However, there's actually never been more opportunity to make a good living online as the number of people buying products and services on the internet continues to grow. Your competition? Frankly, the vast majority of businesses put themselves in a poor light: poor content, poor web design, poor marketing. This is manifested by the incredible churn of websites we see on the web. Most of your competition will give up in the first 12 months. But what about us? How can we help your business avoid the traps that most businesses fall into? Please read on...

About Compelling Media

I'm not new to the internet, having started developing websites since 1997. Of course, there's been a lot of changes in web design practices through the years that have reflected how people use the internet. The biggest change has been mobile. Responsive sites are an absolutely necessity so that your website visitors can easily browse your site no matter what device they use. Now with HTML5 and CSS3, sites can look a lot more "alive" without cross-browser incompatibilities, and not a Flash file in site.

But enough of the technicals - because there's more to setting up a site than the site itself. Content is the longest reigning monarch, and will always be king. Your website's content is the focus of your visitor, not the design. The design can draw their attention to certain areas of your site, but without the - dare I say it - compelling content to persuade them to do something, you're going to struggle to achieve your goals.

Having developed literally thousands of sites over the years, the biggest problem I've found has been poor content. Having been the lead developer of the Puresilva website template since 2004, I've essentially made the shop for the client, and they've filled it with their goodies. But hang on, this is the internet. There's much more to it than that. Content isn't just "here's my products / services" - there's a whole slew of copywriting skills required to truly compel the visitor to trust you, to value your products/services, and ultimately want to transact with you in some way.

So over Christmas 2014, I dreamt up a new service - a completely holistic, bespoke web design service. A service that would not be restricted by a template, and one where the end result (the website) has 100% professional imagery and text completely developed by a copywriter (myself and others), along with on-page optimizations for search engines (well crafted titles and meta descriptions). In other words, rather than give a business an empty template for them to fill, this service provides a 100% completed site: design, content, on-page optimizations for search engines, hosting.

At the same time, it's obvious that just giving a business a static website they can't update is a notion that belongs to the 90s. Of course a site owner wants to update their site, and so they should (if they want to be seen in a good light by their target market). And so, the new service comes with its own "backoffice" - allowing the site owner to update ALL pages; there's also a photo gallery, blog, lead capture page, email marketing facilities.

Compelling Design

A big difference between this new service and Puresilva is design. In recent years, it makes sense to tap into the great design works already out there, and that's exactly what this service does. You can choose a design from the 16,500+ designs over at themeforest.net, or we can come up with some suggested designs (from the aforementioned themeforest.net). We take the chosen design and turn it into a functioning bespoke website, replete with content that is updateable, photo gallery (if required), blog (if required), lead capture form & email marketing facilities....and host it on a dedicated server.

Need E-commerce?

If your site requires e-commerce, please refer to our Puresilva service.

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