Testimonials from our clients

While Compelling Media is new (launched in 2015), we are not new to web design, and have a number of clients using our puresilva website template (from 2004 up to present date). Here are selected testimonials below regarding our web design services.

The backoffice is so easy to use - I can run my site easily all by myself - put products on special offer, set up voucher codes, send out mailshots with voucher codes - all extremely easy to do


Very happy with website, I would highly recommend this friendly and professional company


I've known the main developer of puresilva for a number of years. I didn't hesitate to have my site upgraded to a puresilva template and can honestly say I'm making healthy sales of my electric bikes from my site. A good solid personal service with absolutely no hosting problems whatsoever. Things just work!


I am very pleased with the service. I have always found the staff reliable and helpful over the years I've had a site with them. The templates are continually being updated with added features to keep up with the needs of a growing website business. Changing the content of my website and adding and removing features myself is really easy to do.


A great and easy way to build your own website without having to learn or purchase expensive web software, easy to use backoffice section, with easy to understand helpful video tutorials to guide you through each task. Overall great value for money.


The Puresilva Template is fantastic and easy to use. I update my pages whenever I like. After having had a 'Professional' build us a website and then trying to be seen on Google was a complete hassle. We were on Page 1 of Google within a couple of weeks with our Puresilva site!!!


Puresilva provides my Company with an excellent web hosting service with unlimited email accounts and an online shop. The backoffice is very easy to use when setting up my online shop etc… I would recommend this service not to expensive and great value for money.


I was a bit suspect at first as I wanted to simply run a blog. And yet, I wanted something search engine friendly with the ability to possibly sell affiliate products in the future. After trying out the trial site, I became convinced - never had issues with hosting nor tech support which is very speedy.


I recommend PureSilva whenever I can. I was able to get my site up and running much more easily than I ever thought possible without any technical skills of my own. I can update it whenever I want with the very easy-to-use back office where I also have access to a multitude of search-engine friendly options. The hosting is reliable and if I ever need tech support PureSilva are there, with friendly advice. I am delighted that I chose PureSilva.


Outstanding product and fabulous value, especially considering the impressive amount of functionality the site offers. It's very straightforward to use and gives great, professional results. Technical support is always on hand if needed and it's all easy to understand in non-tech speak! A great reliable service with frequent updates and new features being added all the time. First class.


Very impressed with the service provided, support is easy to access and is very helpful. Puresilver.com is a recommended template where the backoffice suite scores highly - it is simple to use and is regularly updated with new features. Overall a highly recommended web design that is easily affordable and one that gets results. I have been very impressed with my choice in web design and would not hesitate in recommending this to anyone.


I have been using Puresilva.com for my web-site for about 18 months now (edit: as of May 2010) and I have found the site to be a very reliable hosting. The tech support I have had has been very helpful especially with video help and phone contact. The back office I have found to be very easy-to-use, especially for some one like me who has not done this kind of thing before. I can chop and change products, add prices and weight etc. with no problems. With all this ease I am very happy with the service.


After trying many different web designers and shopping platforms we can honestly say that puresilva is by far the best we have ever worked on. With it's complete ease of use in the back end and the features it has to offer it is second to none. With regular updates and fantastic customer support from the designers we would recommend puresilva to everyone. We were so pleased with the first website we had another built on the same platform!


We originally chose Puresilva as a web site service due to their fantastic choice of web template designs and their easy to use back office. However, in addition, we have found the service provided by Puresilva to be exceptional. The back office is very simple to use, yet any questions have been answered straight away, and loads of assistance has been given. Practical and informed advice has also been given to help the site up through the rankings. Puresilva can really pride themselves on their high level of service and well as providing a great product.


Puresilva is a superb web hosting company with reliable, fast loading servers and a website template that is so easy to use. Regular updates are available to constantly improve your website and keep you ahead of the game. You can build and update your Puresilva website so quickly and you do not need any previous IT knowledge as there are easy to follow video tutorials to explain everything. If you require any further help, then you are just an email away. Most importantly, the Puresilva team are in the “know” when it comes to search engine optimisation to help you get your website climbing up the search engine rankings. We now operate several websites by Puresilva as they offer a truly professional service and outstanding value for money. I would recommend them every time. David Johnson.


We have consistently ranked very well in the search engines with the puresilva website template - even higher than some of the companies who actually produce the bags we sell (such as Nantita and Thanu) - this is way beyond our expectations, and so are the resulting sales."


I would recommend Pure Silva as reliable. I am very happy with the service and they give good technical support


Excellent service and product for both small and large business. Any queries or add-on's have always been sorted at lightening speed... I wouldn't use any one else now!


Very easy to set up initially for an inexperienced user, fantastic scope to customise and change the site as your business develops. Very prompt and knowledgeable customer service, queries always answered within a few hours.


Our website brings in a steady stream of enquiries. We rank top 10 in Google for words like "steel detailing" and "steel detailer". Being a small company in Thailand, we now compete with the big firms in the west thanks to our website.